Easily accessible from our campground, you can discover all our region’s heritage and cultural treasures in an original way. For example, you can immerse yourself in the underground world of caves by night, follow your guide on a sunset walking tour on a mild summer’s evening, or learn to play a traditional Loire Valley game, boule de fort. All these activities and more will be on offer to help you discover a different side of Anjou.




Caves by night

A highly original tour at nightfall will immerse you even deeper into the mysterious world of the most impressive caves of the Maine-et-Loire department. Explore a sub-structure brimming with history and anecdotes, plus unexpected activities as old as the hills, handed down through the ages. A whole world for your children to discover. Wonderful memories guaranteed. Don\'t miss out !

Dog hiking : a different way to explore vineyards

These walks are very popular with campers young and old, offering a chance for real sentiment and sharing with man\'s best friend. A sense of partnership between hiker and dog will grow over the course of this trek through the grapevines. Sharing and symbiosis are established with each step. A unique experience of intense communion with nature that leaves no one unaffected.

A game from the annals of history: boule de fort

This is one of the friendliest yet most enigmatic games in the Anjou region. Within the triangle formed by Angers, Saumur and Cholet, our campground is in Doué-la-Fontaine, at the heart of boule de fort territory. Despite the name (which literally means \"strong man\'s bocce ball\"), this is a game of precision rather than strength, making it great for the whole family. It is also a reflection of the sweet Anjou life: calm and relaxing.

The “passeport accueil”, your passport to a welcoming land

Take advantage of the many benefits and discounts offered by our passport partners, exclusively for holidaymakers staying at our campground, to allow them to discover all our region’s treasures.

An essential accessory for exploring the doué region. Ask for your copy at our reception desk on arrival.

Taste, enjoy and admire our region with your new “passport”.

Welcome party

A welcome party is held each Sunday from 7 July to 25 August, 11 am to 12:30 pm, offering all our campers nibbles and beverages as they get to know each other as well as a variety of actors from the region (elected officials and activity partners).

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